Pink TOURMALINE Sterling Silver 925 Gemstone Ring - Size Q - (TRMR2010163)

  • £114.75

A very stunning authentic Afghanistani pink Tourmaline ring set in an elegant spiral Sterling Silver design. Would make a great gift or a lovely treat for yourself! This unique ring comes in a lovely presentation box too!

Size of Tourmaline - 5 mm. Weight - 8.61 g.

Gemstone for the Zodiac sign of Libra.

Tourmaline is used to mark an 8th wedding anniversary.

Tourmaline contains a mixture of the many different rainbow coloured forms of Tourmaline. It can include; Pink Tourmaline which is said to strengthen wisdom, empathy compassion and will-power; Blue Tourmaline which is said to aid self expression; Brown Tourmaline which is believed to help dispel old fears and hurts; Green Tourmaline which is said to calm fears and to bring a joy for living and Red Tourmaline which is believed to bring personal strength, endurance and stamina. Combining all these colours is said to help bring the mind, body and spirit into wholeness.

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