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About Us

At Art Gecko we specialize in hand made jewellery using semi precious gemstones set in Sterling Silver. All of our items are created to a very high quality in India.

Each piece is hand crafted by talented artisans with gem – cutting and polishing techniques that have been handed down for generations. We work in cooperation with gemstone merchants and jewellers in India as we see this as the only method by which we can ensure that people are paid a fair amount for the work they have completed and that the conditions they work in are good. It thus ensures a good working relationship which can be built upon year after year with a focus on the high quality that is needed for each piece. The majority of our pieces are bolder than those found at most retailers. However, we do have styles that will suit those of you looking for more delicate settings.


A brief history…
Saj started Art Gecko in 2000 deciding he enjoyed the outdoor life with markets and music festivals. However, he soon caved in to the idea of a lovely warm shop after a bitterly cold winter that first year! However, things moved on and now we operate through our website and on the Amazon marketplaces exclusively.


Jewellery Creation

The process of jewellery creation begins when we arrive in India and visit our gemstone merchants. Here we are able to select the stones and shapes that are needed for our collection – this process can take up to a Month!

The gemstones are then taken to our jewellers where designs are discussed and samples are put together. Once the samples have been perfected then we can begin the process of producing the main pieces.

It is then up to us to retail these wonderful items to our customers. As a small team we are involved in the product from the beginning to the end which allows us a detailed knowledge and understanding of each stage in the development of our products. It is through this that we are able to offer a very high quality of service concerning each piece whereby we can explain the real value of each item.

In addition we have a thriving wholesale jewellery business. If you are a retailer and would like to know more then please contact us through the usual means.


The Fair Trade dimension to Art Gecko

The ethical and social dimensions concerning how we create business are of a fundamental focus for us. We deal with small businesses or those run by a families whom we visit every year. This means we are able to maintain strong relationships by our personal involvement in each stage of the process. We find that it is through these meetings and discussions that we build a better picture of what is possible. As a rule of thumb we work with people we like .