Red Round CORAL Sterling Silver Stud Earrings 925

  • £17.99

A smart pair of handmade Coral stud earrings set in a stylish Sterling Silver design.

Diameter of Coral: 5 mm.

Coral is used to mark a 35th wedding anniversary.

•Coral soothes tension. •It is believed (in ancient times) that coral is good for protection against skin diseases - when worn as a necklace. •Coral helps with lethargy and nutrient deficiency as well as having healing energy. •Coral is a good depression aid.

Coral has been used in jewellery since prehistoric times. Found in Celtic tombs and a symbol of wealth in China. Used by Tibetan Lamas to this day as coral rosaries. Coral is one of the seven treasures in Buddhist scriptures. Used to decorate art objects dating back thousands of years. Dreams of coral often indicate a recovery from a long term illness.

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