Created Round Blue Opal Sterling Silver 925 Gemstone Stud Earrings - 5 mm

  • £17.99

A smart fiery pair of cultured Blue Opal earring studs set in an elegant Sterling Silver surround. These Opals have a great deal of blue and green fire within them. 

Size of Opals: Width - 5 mm. Weight - 0.9 g. 

Gemstone for the Zodiac sign of Cancer, Virgo, Libra and the stone for the month of October. 

Opal is used to mark a 14th and 18th wedding anniversary. 

For much of its long history, opal was regarded as a lucky stone. In Greek mythology, opals were considered the stone form of the tears that Zeus wept after the defeat of the titans. Indian lore considers it part of the Goddess of Rainbows after she turned to stone to avoid the romantic advances of other gods. Arabic lore holds that the stones fell from the sky in flashes of lightning, imbued forever with their fire from the fall. In mystical circles, opal is considered a stone representing hope, innocence and purity. It has strong connotations of happiness, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence. 

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